The Wildlife art of Irfan Ahmed
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Irfan Ahmed was born in Wishaw, Scotland in 1991.

Early on Irfan had a passion for art and an extreme fascination with the animal kingdom. However as a result of being interested in science he overlooked art, a subject which he would have liked to have pursued in high school.

Irfan has a keen interest in creating realistic wildlife art, learning and studying each species in depth in order to translate a true depiction of the soul of the subject in his art.

He enjoys painting a variety of wildlife subjects in a realistic manner, particularly wild felids which are a continuous source of inspiration fuelling his artistic interests.

He has experience working with a variety of mediums but prefers scratchboard and acrylics, a medium which he has just recently started to work with.

Since Irfan is very detail orientated, he enjoys creating artwork which can give the viewer an intimate look at nature. As a young artist, he is improving with each new piece, and learning new techniques in order to grow as an artist and reach his full potential.

Green Winged Macaws  
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